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Songs about Water Conservation
and Clean Water

These songs about water conservation and clean water are available from a variety of albums: 

Can it! Save the Planet!– Music with Mar.
Ecosystems– Science Maniacs
Every Little Drop of Water– Fred Gee
It's A Blue Planet– The Banana Slug String Band
Listen to the Water– Bob Schneider
Little Steam– Douglas Wood
Mighty River Running Strong– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
May the River Run Free– Bay Song
Ode to Water – Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
On Goes the Water Cycle – J.P. Taylor
One Little River– The Banana Slug String Band
The Storm Drain Song– Stan Slaughter
Storm Drain Blues– The Banana Slug String Band
Sweet and Sour Rain– Chris Rawlings
That's Water– The Banana Slug String Band
This River– Earth Mama - Joyce Rouse
Waste Not, Want Not– Two of a Kind
Water Cycle – Jack Hartmann
Water Cycle Song– Foster Brown
The Water Cycle– Lauren Mayer
The Water Cycle Song– Pam Donkin & Greta Pedersen
Water in the Air– Skip West
Water is so Amazing– Jack Hartmann
Water on the Earth Goes Round and Round– Jack Hartmann
Watershed– Stan Slaughter
Water Song– Andy Z
Way Down Deep (Inside the Ocean)– Fran Avni
We All Live Downstream– The Banana Slug String Band
We Need The Oceans– Bay Song
We're all Connected– Stan Slaughter

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