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In the Amazon
Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Fred Gee

This song is available on Fred Gee's Environment Songs From Fred Gee

Written by Fred Gee with Mr. Egnaczk’s & Mr. Beninati’s 1989/90 classes
Yates School, Schenectady, NY

In the Amazon there is a problem
When we cut down the trees we forget
That the carbon dioxide increases
And this causes the greenhouse effect.

We must act upon faith and conviction
To make sure the rain forests survive
They’re the heart and the soul of this planet
Without them we’re likely to die.

When the trees are cut down and the rains come
The soil is all washed away
Poor people can’t grow what they used to
It’s a terrible price that they pay.


There are plants that are found in the jungle
That could someday keep people alive
But they cannot live in the open
They must grow under trees to survive.


When the jungle is burned it’s a pity
The animals have no place to go
They can’t find the food that sustains them
What their fate is I’m sure you must know.


The people who live in the forests
Would like to save all the trees
But developers from the big cities
Don’t care they just do what they please.



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Many thanks to Fred Gee for permission to display these lyrics.
© Clear Horizons Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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