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Talking Conservation Blues
Joan Maute, Ed.D.

This song is available on Joan Maute's The Alternative Energy Suite

Students enjoy rapping to these verses. 
     When assigned to write their own lyrics in small groups, students build a sense of community while consolidating their learning.
     An instrumental track for this song is included, facilitating performance of these lyrics or the students' own.

I was sitting in the classroom one Friday,
When I heard my teacher say,
"Your future could be filled with misery
''Cause we're running out of energy."

I thought, "Oh no, here we go again,
Energy crisis, higher prices,
What do I care? I don't even buy gas,...yet."

You know what he said, the same old stuff
We've got to slow down or we won't have enough.
He talked about the problem facing our nation,
The he said we could help it with conservation.

What's this "we?" 
I don't waste energy. 
I hardly even use it.

He said there really was something we could do,
And our weekend assignment might give us a clue......


Then Monday in class we'd compare what we found......


Sunday night I looked at my list,
It wasn't too long, but there was nothing I had missed......


Oh I forgot...my stereo, clock radio, tape deck,.....


Well that was about all I'd ever use,
The things went dark, someone blew a fuse.....

I couldn't even use my electric toothbrush, amplifier, guitar...


I fixed the fuse and got something to eat,


Popcorn popper, toaster oven, refrigerator, ice crusher,.....

We shared our lists in class on Monday,
Each student seemed to have a lot to say,
Some said we should walk, skate, or ride together,
Others felt we should dress to match the weather.

I spent two seconds reading my list,.....


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Many thanks to Joan Maute, Ed.D. for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Joan Maute, Ed.D. -- Studio 2. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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