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What Is A Mother?
Song For Teaching About Families
Marilyn M. Linford


This song is available on Marilyn M. Linford's Your World at a Glance

A mother is someone who shows you the way,
You learn from her how to trust and obey. 

She's someone who’s helpful, cheerful and funny,
She wears a big smile when she calls you her honey.
She teaches you words like thank you and please,
And sometimes a mom likes to tickle and tease.

A mother has kisses to plant on your check,
And words of advice that she likes to speak. 

Now when you are sad, or you feel kind of funny,
A mother can help those dark days seem sunny. 

For a mother can make that hurt go away,
When she kisses, and hugs you and says it's okay. 

A mother is gentle, thoughtful and sweet,
And she's the best friend that you'll ever meet. 
She's someone who knows just what to say,
To help you be good both night and day. 

 She whispers so softly right in your ear,
"Remember, I love you, I'll always be near."

  So what is a mother?  It's plain to see

A mother is someone who loves you and me.




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Many thanks to Marilyn M. Linford for permission to display these lyrics.
© Marilyn M. Linford. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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