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Sweet Sap Song
Song About Maple Syruping from Maple Sap
Foster Brown

This song is available on Foster Brown's Naturally: Children's Nature Songs

Mam and Pap, put on your hat,
to the sugar bush lets go.
The nights are cold, the days are warm,
the sap its got to flow.
Drill the hole, put in the spile,
Hang those buckets high.
When I hear that sweet sap drop,
I cannot hide my smile.

Collect the sap from the buckets fast,
don’t them overflow.
If we lose a drop of that sweet sap crop,
I may just have to scold.
When the sap begins to rise,
My eyes begin to shine.
When I hear that sweet sap drop
I cannot hide my smile.

Stoke the fire and raise the heat,
boil that sap on down.
All the wood we split last year
sure comes in handy now.
It’s maple syrup time,
the season is sublime.
When I smell that sweet sap scent
I cannot hide my smile.

Careful boys, don’t scorch it now
It’s time to pull the valve.
We’ll bottle up that syrup hot
Oh gee, oh golly, how.
Heat the griddle, bake the cakes
Pour that syrup for goodness sakes.
When I taste that syrup sweet
I cannot hide my smile
No! No! I shall not hide my smile.

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Many thanks to Foster Brown for permission to display these lyrics.
© Foster Brown. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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