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The Popcorn Pop
Gary Rosen and George Story

This song is available on Gary Rosen's Tot Rock.

In his concerts, Gary invites children to jump up when they hear the word, "pop," but not when they hear "popcorn." Kids love it!

Doin' the popcorn pop (4x)
Doin' the popcorn
Doin' the popcorn
Doin' the popcorn, pop pop.

You take kernels of corn, the poppin' kind
A drop of oil, the size of a dime
Put in a pot, cover the top
Heat it, shake it
Listen to the sound
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop


You hear kernels of corn, a poppin' slow
Then poppin' fast, shake 'em high, shake 'em low
Don't hear a pop, think it stopped?
Open the top...(Look out!)
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop


See a movie today, get something to eat.
Buy a big bucket, a popcorn treat.
Throw 'em in the air, catch 'em in your mouth.
Crunch 'em, munch 'em, umm
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop



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Many thanks to Gary Rosen and George Story for permission to display these lyrics.
© Gary Rosen and George Story. All rights reserved.

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