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The Orchestra is Here to Play

Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Sandor Slomovits/Bo Ayars

This song is available on Gemini's "The Orchestra is Here to Play"


The orchestra is here to play.
The orchestra is here to play.
They all have their seat, and they all join the beat
Now the orchestra is here to play.

Underneath your chin is how you play the violin.
You can’t sip on a cola, while you’re playing the viola.
Here’s some friendly ‘hellos’, bowed by all the cellos.
It takes a lot of grace to play the double bass.

Here’s some trills magnifico from the little piccolo.
Here’s a sweet salute, played upon the flutes.
Let’s listen to a solo, played upon the oboe.
We certainly can’t forget the sprightly clarinets.
Here’s a comic tune, played by the bassoon.

You can’t eat a crumpet, while you play the trumpet.
Watch out for your funny bones here come all the trombones.
It’s hard to feel forlorn, when you’re playing the French horn.
You can zippadee doodah on the great big tuba.

All those strings, not flat nor sharp, that’s the way to tune the harp.
I always think of an ice cream cone when I hear the xylophone.
If you want some company, make some noise on the timpani.
You can’t have much discussion when you bang on the percussion.

And then there’s the conductor he’s the one who knows the score.
He brings the sound together, from a whisper to a roar.
He can make the symphony stop!

Please start them up again!
He moves with grace and flair, his baton waves in the air.
His arms go supersonic, as he leads the philharmonic.

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Many thanks to Gemini for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Gemini. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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