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Geography Songs

Music for Teaching U.S. and World Geography
...and Map-Reading Skills
Geography Songs

These geography song lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use geography songs to teach map reading skills, directions, continents, oceans, states and capitals.

General Geography Songs: Oceans, Continents, and Reading the Map
7 Continents – Jack Hartmann
The Continents – Tim Pacific
The Continents (Hip Hop Rap) – Earth Tone
Countries of Africa – MindMuzic
Directions – Music with Mar.
Directions to Nowhere (How to Read a Map) – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
How You Slice It (Longitude & Latitude) – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
The Key's the Key – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Longitude and Latitude – Kathleen Wiley
Oceans – Music with Mar.
Oceans and Continents – Lauren Mayer
Oceans and Continents –MindMuzic
On the Map – Sam Jones
The Oceans and Major Seas – Tim Pacific
Que Bonita Bandera (What a Beautiful Flag)– Anna E. Kravis
Sailing Along – Fred Gee
Se Habla Espanol (Spanish Speaking Countries) – Marla Lewis
Seven Continents – Music with Mar.
They Speak Spanish (but in Brazil, they speak Portuguese) – Vincent Nunes
Water and Land (Oceans and Continents) – Geography Park
World Nations– MindMuzic
Your World At A Glance – Marilyn M. Linford

North American Geography Songs
21 California Missions – Tim Pacific
The 50 States and Capitals Song – Tim Pacific
The Canada Chant– Mr. I 
Arizona Snowman– Maureen Conlin
Can You Tell Me Where You're From? – Music, Movement & Magination
Down in Old Hawaii – Marla Lewis
Pelican Pilot: Songs about Florida – Dorothy Cresswell
Gonna Name Our States – Music with Mar.
Great Lakes Jack – Foster Brown
The Great Lakes Song – Tim Pacific
Haul Away Henry Hudson – Skip West
Makin' Tracks (The Western United States) – Geography Park
Name the States– Learning by Song
New England and Mid-Atlantic States & Capitals Rap - Geography Park
Oceans and Continents –MindMuzic
The Province Rap – Geography Park
Patriotic Medley – Judy Leonard
Punk Rock States (The Southeast United States) – Geography Park
Shenandoah – Traditional/Ginsburgh
The State I'm In (The North-Central United States Rap) – Geography Park
States and Capitals– MindMuzic
Wisconsin Dairy Polka – Colleen & Uncle Squaty

Musical Plays about Geography
California Missions & More – Bad Wolf Press
Gold Dust or Bust – Bad Wolf Press
The Texans: Birth of the Lone Star State – Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography – Bad Wolf Press

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