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Fraction Rock

Teaching Equivalent Fractions
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

The teacher walks in, you’re sitting in your place.
There’s a menacing look growing on his face.
He grabs a piece of chalk and he gives you the look.
He says, “Everybody now, take out your math books.”
Your stomach’s in knots as he demands action.
You’ve got to demonstrate equivalent fractions.

You got to be like a rabbit and multiply!
Be like a rabbit and multiply!

You walk up to the board, your hands are sweating.
Don’t know it you can do it, you start fretting.
There’s a fraction on the board right in front of you.
The fraction is a half (1/2). What ‘cha gonna do?
There’s a little voice calling from deep inside your brain.
Listen really close, this is what it’s saying.


Multiply the top, it’s called the numerator.
Multiply the bottom, the denominator.
If you use the same digit, you’ll see the numbers change.
But the fraction that’s a half will still remain the same.
A half is two-quarters (2/4), A half is three-sixths (3/6)
A half is four-eighths (4/8), Feel confusion fade?
A half is five-tenths (5/10), A half is ten-twentieths (10/20)
A half is fifty-hundredths (50/100), Isn’t that amazing?


The lesson has been learned, you just multiply.
If you want the numbers smaller, go ahead divide.
If you use the same digit for the bottom and the top,
You’ll keep on getting smaller, ‘til you’ve got to stop.
Ten over twenty (10/20) is equal to a half.
Although the numbers change, the value stays the same.
Six over twelve’s (6/12) just another way to name it,
‘Cause a half is a half, no matter how you say it.

New Chorus:
You got to be like an amoeba and divide!
Be like an amoeba and divide!

The teacher walks in, your sitting in your place.
There’s a smile of pride, building on your face.
He grabs a piece of chalk and he tosses it to you.
You walk up to the board, you know what to do.
You’re feeling really good as you spring into action.
You get to demonstrate equivalent fractions.




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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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