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Graduation Songs

and Songs Suitable for School Graduation Day
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These school graduation songs are available from a variety of albums. Songs with stars* have additional sing-along backing tracks and/or sheet music available for purchase.

A Bright Tomorrow * - Laszlo Slomovits
Building Our World * - Joe Crone
Celebrate * - Debbie Clement
Chasing My Dream Jack Hartmann
Endurance - Jan Nigro
Graduation Song * - Ron Brown
Graduation Time * - Stephen Fite
How Can You Make Your Dreams Come True? * - Graduation Complete
I Didn't Give Up * - Rock Solid Kids
Just Passing By * - Donna & Andy
Kids Are The Future Skip West
Life's Lessons * - Marla Lewis
Lifelong Learners * - Marla Lewis
Look at Me - Judy Pancoast
One Small Voice * - Jack Hartmann
Open the Fear Door * - Rock Solid Kids
Our Alma Mater *- Graduation Complete
Step Into the Future On Graduation Day *- Graduation Complete
Thank You, Parents * - Andrea Moon
Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future- Music with Mar.
Touch The Future - Jim Rule
We Can Move the World * Joe Crone
Who's In Charge of Me? -- I Am! *- Rock Solid Kids
With These Hands - Jan Nigro
The Year Is Over - Music with Mar.

Instrumental Graduation Songs
Pomp and Circumstance * - Graduation Complete

Inspirational Graduation Songs with Religious Themes
(Appropriate for Most Religious Faiths)
Anything is Possible - Todd Werner
Good-Bye Means God Be With You - Jim Rule
Gratitude is an Attitude - Jim Rule
He Opens a Window - Jim Rule
I Am With God * - Rock Solid Kids
Serve the Lord with Joy - Jim Rule

Graduation Song Lyrics (With Chords) for Kindergarten Graduations
Graduation from Kindergarten- Mary Flynn
This is the Time We Graduate!- Mary Flynn

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