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Grammar Rapper
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Dennis Westphall

This song is available on Tickle Tune Typhoon's Hearts & Hands

If you want to write it down
You can start with a noun
Noun is subject, person, place or thing
It's anything, something
Everything kinda thing
Everything in sight
A satelite, a kite
A swimming pool, a molecule
Everyone's a noun
When you write it down

I'm a Grammar Rapper
Grammar Rapper
I'm a Grammar Rapper
Grammar Rapper
Get some paper, get yourself a pen
Gonna write a lot of what's happenin'
Puttin down words you're imaginin'
Write on! Making sentences
Write on! Making sentences

You need to tell a noun what to do
Does it walk? Does it talk?
Does it jump? Does it chew?
You might have heard the action word
is a verb puttin' things to motion
Cause a noun can't get no satisfaction
Till you put it with a verb for a little action

Your impression now is what you give
So describe it with an adjective
Your noun can be carnivorous
Or maybe pusillanimous
Look it up! Look it up!
Write it down! Write it down!
Write on! Write on!
It's short. It's tall. It's red. It's green.
The adjective describes your scene.

Noun is person, place or thing
Action is what a verb will bring
Adjectives describing everything
Write on!



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Many thanks to Tickle Tune Typhoon for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Tickle Tune Typhoon. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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