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Grammar Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Thompson

This song is available on Jim Thompson's Grammar Rocks.

This song is available on Jim Thompson's All-Inclusive Groove

Use the instrumental track (included) to have your students write and perform even more verses! 

"Search me,"
"Hit the deck," 
"Adding fuel to the flame."
"Let it slide," 
"It’s not my bag," and 
"Go against the grain."

He said, "Kick the habit”, 
I said, “Let me get my shoe”
It means: Stop a behavior I probably shouldn’t do.

These expressions are called Idioms and they are used
To convey a meaning that’s unique to the language that’s in use.
The words used in the phrase have meanings that stand alone,
But when used in Idioms they have meanings all their own.

"Eat a horse," 
"Chew the fat," 
"Sleeping like a log."
"Die down," 
"Fool around," 
"Get lost" and 
"Knock it off."

"Put the cart before the horse" 
and "getting on the ball"
"Two strikes against" and 
"Beating one's head against the wall."

So you’ve got the feel for Idioms and now you can say.
You’re no "Babe in the woods,"
You weren’t "Born yesterday."
These expressions we call Idioms will surely make some waves,

So "keep your head," 
"Don’t lose your cool" and 
"Pull your own weight."

With Idioms
You don’t mean what you say.
With Idioms
It’s a word play
With Idioms
You don’t mean what you say.



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Many thanks to Jim Thompson for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© James Thompson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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