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Jim Thompson

This song is available on Jim Thompson's Grammar Rocks.

It takes an adjective to describe nouns
Nouns are all around you.
And everything needs to be described.
So feel free to use an adjective anytime you please
To describe the things around you.

It takes an adjective to describe
the nouns that I see.
Happy, funny, silly, crazy
and the color green.
And I never have to limit myself
to just one.

Here’s another fact that is interesting.
An adjective can also be a number like three.
And I never have to limit myself to just one.

And when you use great adjectives
in your writing
Your creation becomes something
others will want to read
And you never have to limit yourself
to just one.

The big, green, smooth snake
Crawled up the long, brown, sharp rake
And scared the plump, old, kind man
Who rakes his barren, sandy, dry land.

You see I never have to limit myself to just one.
Cause using lots of adjectives is fun
and interesting too.


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Many thanks to Jim Thompson for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© James Thompson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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