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Drug-Free…That’s Me!
Healthy Habits Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Lyrics by Linda K. Williams

Performed by Patricia Mikkelson

This song is available on Drug-Free…That’s Me!

I love my life---that's why I'm drug-free!
I love my life---that's why I'm drug-free!
Drug-free...that's me---all right!
Drug-free...that's me---yeah!
And what about YOU?

I'm glad I know how to lead a life that's drug-free!
I'm glad I know how to do what's really best for me!
I feel sad for drug users; they lose out on life!
I choose to live my life drug-free!
And that means I'm a winner---
'cause I'm drug-free, naturally!

My body and mind are much too special to wreck 'em with drugs;
I wonder if the people who go for that maybe could use some more hugs.
We need hope in our brains, not dope in our veins!
I'm destined for much better things;
But dope in the veins is a waste of life,
A deadly dead-end street.

I don't need powders or pills or potions to have a good time!
I don't want drugs to dull my power to use my mind.
And I don't need drugs to hide behind
When I've got problems; I know how to solve 'em.
I'll brainstorm my options and think 'em through
Take steps to get to my goal.

Some people use drugs to escape from feelings that cause them pain;
They may deny what they're feeling, and bottle 'em up again and again.
I'm gonna own my feelings, call 'em by name---
I'm gonna get 'em out and deal with them---
Pound a pillow, write myself a letter,
Or talk it over with friends.

I love my life---that's why I'm drug-free!
I love my life---that's why I'm drug-free!
And what about YOU? ---



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Many thanks to Linda K. Williams for permission to display these lyrics.
© Linda K. Williams. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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