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Sound Songs Revisited: Dan Crow

Sound Songs Revisited
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Dan Crow

Learn the letter sounds with your friends from Pooh Corner! Dan Crow fuses his great songwriting, humor with the classic Pooh characters, focusing on specific letter sounds and alliteration. A brilliant album for any language arts educator! 

MP3 Demo to listen to samples. 

MP3 Demo 1. The Ballad of Rueben Rooster (the r sound) MP3 Demo 15. Eeyore's Cold Nose (the long o sound)
MP3 Demo 2. Soup! Soup! Soup! (the s sound) MP3 Demo 16. A Tune for June (the long u sound)
MP3 Demo 3. Apples and Bananas (the long vowels) MP3 Demo 17. I Love My Pillow (the l sound)
MP3 Demo 4. Kiss A Cow ( the k and hard c sound) MP3 Demo 18. No More Gum (the m sound)
MP3 Demo 5. Jack the Giant ( the soft g and j sounds) MP3 Demo 19. A Frosty Fable (the f sound)
MP3 Demo 6. OOPS! (the p sound) MP3 Demo 20. Rain Rain Rain (the r sound)
MP3 Demo 7. The Bag (the short a sound) MP3 Demo 21. Time to Take Time (the t sound)
MP3 Demo 8. A Snoozle for a Pet (the short e sound) MP3 Demo 22. Each a Little Bit Different
MP3 Demo 9. A tiggership (the short i sound) MP3 Demo 23. Make a Choice
MP3 Demo 10. Pooh's Honey Pot (the short o sound) MP3 Demo 24. Taking Turns
MP3 Demo 11. A Heffalump Hunt (the short u sound) MP3 Demo 25. OOPS! Part Two
MP3 Demo 12. Pooh Bakes a Cake (the long a sound) MP3 Demo 26. Harmony Island
MP3 Demo 13. Sneeze in Threes (the long e sound) MP3 Demo 27. Snow
MP3 Demo 14. A Very Wide Pooh (the long i sound)


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