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Hop Over It

Teaching Contextual Reading Strategies
Jack Hartmann, M.A.

This song is available on Jack Hartmann's Hip-Hop AlphaBop 2.

Suggested activities from Jack Hartmann:
     This song teaches contextual reading strategies and word attack skills.
     Children can rap with me. On "hop," they can hop with their whole bodies or just with their hands as a fingerplay. Get a frog puppet and make the frog hop when I sing that part.

When you come to a word
You can't figure out
No need to panic
No need to pout

Just think like a frog,
You'll know what to do
Hop over the word
And read on for a clue

Hop, Hop, Hop
Hop over it.
Hop, Hop, Hop
Hop over it.

Hop over it. Hop over it.
A word you can't figure out.
Hop over it. Hop over it.
No need to panic or pout.
Hop, Hop, Hop
Hop over it.

Here are some clues
That you can use:
What looks right?
What sounds right?
And what makes sense?

Is it a big word
Or a small word?
Do the best you can.


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Many thanks to Jack Hartmann for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jack Hartmann & Hop 2 It Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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