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Ready to Read
Motivational Song for Reading
Jack Hartmann

This song is available on Jack Hartmann's Shake, Rattle n' Read.

I feel it in my hands.
Shake, shake, shake
I feel it in my hips
Swing and sway

I feel it in my heart
Beat by beat
I feel it in me
I’m ready to read

I’m ready to read, in my mind
I’m ready to read, reach up high
I’m ready to read with my eyes
I’m ready to read, left to right

I feel it in my knees
Tap, tap, tap
I feel it in my shoulders
Pat, pat, pat

I feel it in my heart
Beat by beat
I feel it in me
I’m ready to read

Repeat Chorus

I’m ready to read
I’m ready to read
Ready to read


Teaching Tips from Jack Hartmann:
     Follow the action words and move along. On “Beat by beat”, move both hands over your heart like a heart beating. On the line “Left to right”, move hands together left to right.


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Many thanks to Jack Hartmann for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jack Hartmann & Hop 2 It Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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