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Summarize A Story
Teaching Children How to Summarize
Jeff Schroeder

This song is available on Jeff Schroeder's Explore New Worlds.

Summarizing and retelling a story
Is not that hard to do.
Remember these five important parts,
And they will sure help you:

Include the characters, the setting, the beginning, too,
With the middle, and the end; it's all you need do.
If you include these things, I'm telling you,
You'll summarize a story!

Now most stories have a problem,
in the middle, or at the start;
But by the time you get to the story's end,
The problem's solved. Now isn't that smart!


Let's take Goldilocks and the Three Bears ;
Here's the beginning:

Once upon a time there were three bears
Who had a cabin in the woods without any cares
(The setting)

One morning Mama Bear made some breakfast that was too hot
So they went for a walk.

While they were gone,
A little girl came by named Goldilocks.
(A character)

Now for the end of the story:

The bears found Goldilocks asleep in bed.
She woke up, and was frightened, ran away and then said,
"I'll never do that again!"
The bears' problem was solved; Goldilocks was gone.
And now you know the rest of this song.





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Many thanks to Jeff Schroeder for permission to display these lyrics.
©  2002 Jeff Schroeder.  All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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