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Swinging on a Star
Original Lyrics and Music: 
Johnny Burke and James Van Heusen.
Additional Lyrics for Teaching Animal Classifications 
by Jeff Schroeder

This song is available on  Jeff Schroeder's Explore New Worlds.

A bird is an animal that flies in the air;
It has feathers on its body everywhere.
It is warm blooded, hatches from an egg,
Has a beak, and wings, and it has two legs.
But to be a bird could be absurd,
Would you really like to be a bird?


A fish is an animal that has many fins,
With slimy scales on its skin.
Its babies hatch from jelly-like eggs.
It breathes with gills, and it has no legs.
However, you could end up on a dish...
Would you be better off to be a fish?


An amphibian's an animal that starts out with gills;
Breathing in the water is a thrill.
When it grows up - it will live on land
Then it breathes with lungs - any way it can.
Metamorphosis can happen in the Caribbean
Would you be better off as an amphibian?

A reptile is an animal that's cold-blooded too;
It lives up on the land, or at the zoo.
It has scaly skin - that is rough and dry;
They often hatch from eggs, and I'm not quite sure why.
They breathe with their lungs all the while.
Would you be better off to be a reptile?


A mammal is an animal with hair or fur.
It is warm blooded, that's for sure!
They are cute when they're born,
And they go through live birth,
Drink their mother's milk, and, for what it's worth,
You could be a whale or a camel...
It sure is great to be a mammal!

And all the monkeys aren't in the zoo
Everyday you meet quite a few
So you see it's all up to you
You could be better than you are...

You could be swingin' on a star!


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Many thanks to Jeff Schroeder for permission to display these lyrics.
©  2002 Jeff Schroeder.  All rights reserved.

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