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A Fraction is Part of a Whole
Song for Teaching About Fractions
Jennifer Fixman

This song is available on Jennifer Fixman's We Love Math with Miss Jenny.

Teaching Tips:
     This song contains a lot of information in 2 minutes! Sing this song “for fun,” and ask children to point out things they learned after the song. Use it as a springboard to teach basic understanding of fractions, comparative fractions, and addition/subtraction of fractions.

     Print the PDF version of the song (coming soon) to see illustrations.

     Explicitly teach fractions using small paper plates. Draw a line to divide plates in half. Children should shade 1/2, and write the fractions on each side. Next, repeat the activity using thirds and fourths.

     Write story problems using fractions. Create a class big book.

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Many thanks to Jennifer Fixman for permission to display these lyrics.
©Jennifer Fixman. All rights reserved.

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