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What Will the Weather Be?
Jennifer Fixman

This song is available on Jennifer Fixman's Science Songs with Miss Jenny.

What will the weather be today?
What will that meteorologist say?
Hot or cold? Wet or dry?
Clear or cloudy? Look at the sky.

Does the wind move flags or leaves on trees?
Is it calm or is there a gentle breeze?
When the breeze gets big, it’s called a gale;
Next a storm may come bringing snow or hail.

Strong winds may bring a hurricane.
Wind spins around; clouds bring the rain.
The wind carries objects into the sky;
Turning round and round those objects fly.

What will that meteorologist say?
I sure hope the weather’s nice today!


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Many thanks to Jennifer Fixman for permission to display these lyrics.
©Jennifer Fixman. All rights reserved.

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