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The January February "March"

Teaching the Months of the Year
Jim Rule

This song is available Jim Rule's Too Much Fun All In One!.

January, February, MARCH
and April, May, and June, and July,
and then comes August, September,
October, November, December.
Back to January, February, MARCH!
Two three, four.
Hup, two, three, four.
Company, HALT!.


The following Bilingual Spanish-English lyrics can be sung to
the bonus instrumental track on Too Much Fun All In One!


Enero, febrero, marzo, abril,
mayo, junio, y julio,
también agosto,
septiembre, octubre,
noviembre, diciembre,
al enero y febrero y
¡La Marcha!
Compañía, ¡Alto

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Many thanks to Jim Rule for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jim Rule. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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