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Musical Picture Books
Books To Add Percussion Instruments To!
Joanie Calem

Books that I use for rhythm exercises with drums and xylophones.

Barn Dance, by Bill Martin Jr. And John Archambault
Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain, by Verna Aardema
Carolinda Clatter, by Mordechai Gerstein
Caterpillar Spring, by Susan Hood
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, by Bill Martin Jr. And John Archambault
Dancing Feet, by Marc Brown
Do You See A Mouse? by Bernard Waber
Farmer Joe And The Music Show, by Tony Mitton
The First Music, by Dylan Pritchett
Hand Hand Finger Thumb, by Al Perkins
Happy Hedgehog Band, by Martin Waddell
Hiccups For Elephant, by James Preller
Honey... Honey... Lion! by Jan Brett
Giraffes Can’t Dance, by Giles Andraea
“I Can’t” Said The Ant, by Polly Cameron
Jump, Frog, Jump!, by Robert Kalan
Jungle Drums, by Graeme Base
Jungle Drums, by Deanna Wundrow
Listen, Listen, by Phillis Gershater
The Listening Walk, by Paul Showers
Marsh Music, by Marianne Berkes
Max Found Two Sticks, by J. Brian Pinkney
Off We Go, by Jane Yolen
Quick As A Cricket, by Audrey Wood
Tanka Tanka Skunk, by Steve Webb
Thump Thump Rat-A-Tat-Tat, by Gene Baer
Tiger Can’t Sleep, by S.J. Fore
Time To Sleep, by Denise Fleming
To Be A Drum, by Evelyn Coleman
Too Much Noise, by Ann Mcgovern
Train Song, by Diane Siebert
The Way To My Best Friend’s House, by Nancy White Carlstrom
We’re Going On A Nature Hunt, by Steve Metzger
Who Hops, by Katie Davis
Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ears, by Verna Aardema

Joanie Calem
Joanie Calem is a musician, singer/song-writer, and teacher.  She has been teaching and creating music with children of all ages since 1983.  Joanie studied for many years with Anne Barlin, who is considered one of the “mothers” of the dance therapy field and an experienced teacher of the Dalcroze system. Visit Joanie's website at: http://www.joaniecalem.com/index.html

See Joanie Calems Music Products on SongsForTeaching.com.

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