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Matter Is Everywhere!
Physical Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
J.P. Taylor

This song is available on  J.P. Taylor's Singing' Songs of Science.

Matter Is Everywhere!" is a fun song about the nature of matter. In addition to defining and describing matter, this song describes and gives examples of terms like mass, gravity, and weight. It also describes that a balance is used to compare the mass of two objects, and explains the three phases of matter (solid, liquid and gas). 
Kids love to make the "fizzz" sound in the last line!

   MATTER is anything that takes up space, now
Matter can be big or small, it's all over the place, now
Matter can be something you feel or something you see
Or it can be invisible, like the air that you breathe 

Matter, Matter is Everywhere!
Matter, Matter is Everywhere!

When we want to say how much matter is 
In some thing, now
We've got a word that we can use, 
A word that we can sing, now

MASS is the word we use to say how much matter
Mass is the word to describe how much matter 


GRAVITY pulls on us all, pulls us down to the ground, now
And WEIGHT is the word to describe 
How much it's pulling down, now
A BALANCE is an instrument to compare two things, now
And it compares the mass of those two things, now 


Matter comes three different ways, 
SOLIDS, LIQUIDS, and GAS are found in all kinds of places
Solid things are hard and liquid things flow and flow
And gas escapes a soda can when you let it go (fssss) 


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Many thanks to J.P. Taylor for permission to display these lyrics.
© 1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.   All rights reserved.

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