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You Can Tell It's a Cell
Life Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
J.P. Taylor

This song is available on  J.P. Taylor's Singing' Songs of Science.

 "You Can Tell It's A Cell" is a fun song about the basic parts of cells and their functions. The nucleus, cytoplasm, and cell membrane are identified and the roles of each are explained. Plant cells are further identified as being unique as they have a cell wall and chloroplasts (which contain chlorophyll and allow plants to make their own food through the process known as photosynthesis).

You can tell it's a cell by the way it looks 
When it's under a microscope or in a book 
It may be an animal or a plant it's true 
But I know it's a cell, cause I see all the clues 

You can tell 
You can tell it's a cell 
Yeah, you can tell 
You can tell it's a cell 

Now you and I've got a brain, it helps us do what we do 
It helps with walkin' and talkin' and eatin' our food 
And cells need one too, to keep 'em stayin' alive 
It's called a NUCLEUS and floats around inside 


Well CYTOPLASM is that jelly-like goo 
That oozes round inside a cell, yeah, it's in you too! 
But if there wasn't something there called the 
There'd be cytoplasm everywhere, we'd really complain! 


Now plant cells are unique, they're really something to see 
Yeah they've got a CELL WALL to make 'em stronger, you see 
They've got CHLOROPHYLL and CHLOROPLASTS on their list 
And they make their own food by PHOTOSYNTHESIS 


Now cells are really small, yeah, they're hard to see 
But look on down through a microscope there they'll be 
And you and I are made of cells and so are birds and bees 
Just like apples and bananas and the leaves on the trees 


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Many thanks to J.P. Taylor for permission to display these lyrics.
© 1998 John Paul Taylor, Jr.   All rights reserved.

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