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Native Americans
Josh Ledbetter


Sung to the tune of "Ten Little Indians"

Columbus sailed off to find India
What he found was North America
People there were miscalled Indians
That's not what they were.

They came all the way from Siberia
Crossed Alaska, then through Canada
Some went all the way to Bolivia
Even to Peru.

Some rode horses to catch buffalo
Some built homes they called a pueblo
Some were warriors in old Mexico
Indians they were not.

Some liked to dance on their heels and toes
Wishing that their maize would start to grow
Asked their gods to make it rain and snow
They had lots of fun.

Men have called them wild, wild Indians
History says they've been our kind of friends
Now we call them Native Americans
That is what they are.


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Many thanks to Josh Ledbetter for permission to publish his lyrics. Josh is Guam's Teacher of the Year, 2000. He is also a part time elementary education instructor at the University of Guam.

Lyrics Copyright © 2000 Josh Ledbetter
These lyrics may be reproduced for classroom use only.

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