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Gentle Giraffe
Marla Lewis

This song is available on Marla Lewis' We Love to Read Literacy Program.  

This song is available as an individual download

My best friend is a gentle giraffe, 
A gentle giraffe, a gentle giraffe.
He doesn't talk much but he makes me laugh:
Makes me laugh all day.

He danced a jig while crossing the bridge,
Crossing the bridge, crossing the bridge. 
He taught it to me and my sister, Midge,
And now we jig all day!

Do you miss the jungle, Gentle Giraffe? 
Are you homesick? Are you sad? 
You're the best friend I've ever had! Please play with me!
And stay with me!

He smiled and winked, that gentle giraffe, 
Gentle giraffe, gentle giraffe.
We had a big picnic in the grass,
And drank plum juice all day!

Peanut butter, jubilee jam,
Ginseng tea with half and half! 
Nothing's too fine for my giraffe! 
I love him true
He loves me too...oh...

My best friend is a gentle giraffe,
A gentle giraffe, a gentle giraffe. 
He doesn't talk much but he makes me laugh, 
Makes me laugh all day.

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Many thanks to Marla Lewis for permission to display these lyrics and lesson suggestions.
© Plumjuice Music / ASCAP. All rights reserved.

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