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We Love to Read
Marla Lewis

This song is available on Marla Lewis' We Love to Read Literacy Program.  

This song is available as an individual download

When we were little, 'bout three or four,
We saw these squiggles on signs and doors, 
Big kids and grownups made squiggles, too --
Tell me. what could they mean?
What did they do?

In Kindergarten the first few days.
We learned that squiggles are in our names! 
And every one has a special sound!

Now the squiggles, we know, are called 'letters," 
And the letters together make words.
And the words put together make sentences 
That can tell the best stories we've ever heard!

We love to read
And open up our minds, now! 
We love to read 
Ever since we learned how!
We love to read
Can't wait to turn the page, now!
We love to read, we love to read!

"You're gonna love this," says Sam-I-Am! 
"You've got to try my green eggs and ham! 
They're so delicious, just wait and see! Try 'em riding a train
Or out in the rain!"

Come fly with James on a Giant Peach!
We'll keep those Cloud-Men just out of reach! 
Or hop a school bus to outer space --

And when we're stuck on a word, we can sound out. 
Or we look at the pictures and guess,
Or we search for a due in the paragraph,
'Cause we're anxious to know what's coming next!


And, oh! Every book becomes our friend, And we hate to reach the end.
But eventually we do, and then,
We can read 'em again and again! Yeah!


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Many thanks to Marla Lewis for permission to display these lyrics and lesson suggestions.
© Plumjuice Music / ASCAP. All rights reserved.

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