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Hey Hey, Don't Throw It Away
A Recycling Song
Mary Miché

This song is available on Mary Miché's Nature Nuts.


Hey hey don’t throw it away.
I can make money from your trash today.
Hey hey don’t dump that can.
I’ll take it to the recycle man.

My sister Jeanne was drinking root beer
Out of an aluminum can.
When she was done she thought she’d have some fun,
Throwin’ it at the garbage can.
And I said:


I saw a guy out on the street
Drinkin’ a bottle of pop.
He was just about to toss it in the bush
When I yelled, “stop”, and I said:


I went to our family picnic.
I ate and ate. I was almost sick.
Then I looked into the trash,
There were bottles and cans and aluminum pans.
And I said:


I was out hiking with a friend
Pickin’ up cans wherever we went.
When we got to the campground, what did we see?
People throwin’ out cans and other debris.
So I said:


I was eatin’ my lunch at school one day.
Just about finished and startin’ to play.
When I saw a kid with a can in her hand
Just about to throw it in the garbage can.
So I yelled:


So if you see someone throwin’ cans away.
Don’t’ just stand there and watch ‘em, hey.
Just pull it out of the garbage can
And you can help recycle bottles and cans.
And you’ll say:



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Many thanks to Mary Miche for permission to display these lyrics.
© Mary Miche. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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