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Addition and Subtraction Songs

These addition songs and subtraction songs are available from a variety of albums. Use them for teaching skip counting, place value, word problems, buying and selling.

Songs for Teaching Addition (Including Skip-Counting Songs)
4 Plus Song – Alan Stern
7 Plus Song – Alan Stern
The 9 Rule – Jeff Schroeder
10 Silly Monkeys – Jack Hartmann
Add and Step On Ones Rap – Music with Mar.
The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance – Jack Hartmann
Add At a Circus – Music with Mar.
Add It On – Jennifer Fixman
Add One More – Ron Brown
Add One To The Double– Hap Palmer
Adding Doubles – Music, Movement & Magination
Addition and Subtraction – MindMuzic
Addition/Subtraction Word Clues Song – Tim Pacific
Alligator 10 More (Adding 10 to Any Number) – Jennifer Fixman
Bouncing Kangaroos Adding with Six – Music with Mar.
Climbing Ladybugs Adding with Nine – Music with Mar.
Columns – Arnold Rosenthal
Count-Ons – Jeff Schroeder
Counting 2's to 20 – Ron Brown
Counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10 – Jennifer Fixman
Double It Up – Jennifer Fixman
Doubles Facts– Hap Palmer
Doubles Plus One – Jeff Schroeder
Eight Jumping Adding Puppies – Music with Mar.
Five Ate Thirteen – Hap Palmer
The Five Seven Twelve Family – Hap Palmer
Fact Family – Music with Mar.
If You Know How to Count, You Can Add by One! – Marla Lewis
It's A Party (Addition) – MindMuzic
Know Those 10's – Jennifer Fixman
Make Nine Into Ten– Hap Palmer
Numbers With a 1 – Listen & Learn
One More Please – Music, Movement & Magination
The Pizza Eating Alligator – Jennifer Fixman
Random Addition Quiz – Alan Stern
Round it Off – Arnold Rosenthal
Solving "Real Life" Problems – Jeff Schroeder
Switcheroo (Commutative Property)– Hap Palmer
Ten Adding, Swinging Monkeys – Music with Mar.
Ten Plus– Hap Palmer
Ways to Get to Ten – Hap Palmer
When You're Adding Boxes – Kathleen Wiley
You Carry Over – Arnold Rosenthal

Zero the Hero Exercise and Count – Jack Hartmann

Songs for Teaching Subtraction
13 Minus Song – Alan Stern
Addition and Subtraction – MindMuzic
All Aboard to Add and Subtract – Hap Palmer
Bluesy Subtraction – Music with Mar.
Fact Family – Music with Mar.
Five Fish (Subtraction) – Ron Brown
Five Hopping Subtracting Frogs – Music with Mar.
It's A Party (Subtraction) – MindMuzic
Long Subtraction – Learning By Song/Barbara Speicher
The One-Less-Penny Blues (Subtraction) –Music, Movement & Magination
The Pizza Eating Alligator – Jennifer Fixman

Random Subtraction Quiz – Alan Stern
Step Back: Counting Back to Subtract – Carl M. Sherrill
Subtract and Step On Ones Rap – Music with Mar.
Subtract with an Addition Fact – Jennifer Fixman
Subtracting by One: One Less Penny – It All Adds Up
Subtraction – Jeff Schroeder
Twelve Flying Subtracting Bees – Music with Mar.
Two More, Two Less – Hap Palmer
Two Subtracting Marching Ants – Music with Mar.
When the Box is in the Front – Kathleen Wiley
When You Are Subtracting – Learning Math by Song

Money and Coin Songs that Teach Addition and Subtraction Facts
and Concepts

15 Cents – Music, Math and Money
It Starts with a Penny – Music with Mar.
Money Counts – It All Adds Up
Subtracting by One: One Less Penny – It All Adds Up
The U.S. Money Song – Tim Pacific

Teaching the Concept of Place Value in Addition and Subtraction
Columns – Arnold Rosenthal
What Place? – Learning Math by Song

Teaching How to Solve Word Problems
Adding and Subtracting Vocabulary – Jim Thompson
Solving "Real Life" Problems – Jeff Schroeder
Solving Word ProblemsLearning Math by Song

Math Books & Musical Plays
Mastering Math: A Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Mystery – Bad Wolf Press
Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

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