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The Measurement Song

Teaching Common Units of Measurement
Music With Mar.

This song is available on Music with Mar.'s "Math with Mar."

     This song can definitely use visuals. Teach children to sing the chorus. For each verse, show the words you are speaking about. In Kindergarten, children need a basic understanding of which is smallest, which is largest. In first grade, the concept becomes more concrete and in second grade, they can begin learning how many cups for a quart etc.
      You can use pictures of a measuring cup or an actual measuring cup. Bring in a cup, quart and gallon and let them see the differences in the sizes.
      Have children look at their rulers for this song. Or, you can have a picture of a big ruler up on the board or an overhead. (It is understood that mixing millimeters and centimeters with inches is using two types of measurement, but many rulers are made that way.)
      Allow children time to explore the different measuring tools. They can use water, sand or any other appropriate substance. This not only teaches the math concept of measurement, but surely awakens the little scientist as well. -- Mar. Harman

There are different ways to measure
How much or how long
Lets sing about measurement
In a measurement song

If we want to know how much,
We can start with an ounce
Then would be a cup
Next comes a pint, then a quart
Than a gallon. It all adds up.

For how long we start w/millimeters
Centimeters than an inch
Next is a foot, than a yard
You can measure. It’s a cinch!

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Many thanks to Music with Mar. for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Music with Mar, BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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