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A Frog For Profit

Song for Teaching Kids About Business Profit
Frank Bruen

This song is available on Frank Bruen's What About All This Business?

Child narrator explains what profit is.  The song is a funny fun tune about a kid who has a green jumping frog that he trades then buys and sells things and ends up with more money than he started with –his “profit.”

There once was a boy named Robin,
And he had a green jumping frog.
And all that Robin wanted,
In the whole wide world--
Was his very own wind-up dog.

He’d seen one sitting in the window,
In a toy store just nearby.
it’s price was a dollar and a quarter,
Had a sparkle in it’s eye.

So he traded his frog to a friend,
For a quarter and a new rubber ball.
Put the quarter in his pocket,
Gave another buddy a call.

He sold his ball for a dollar,
And a Jack-in-the-box that went beep.
And he bought himself the wind-up dog ,
and the Jack-in-the-box he could keep.

So the Jack-in-the-box was his profit,
And he still has that wind-up dog,
Now he’s got two things he wanted,
After starting with a green jumping frog.

He started with a green jumping frog.


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Many thanks to Frank Bruen for permission to display these lyrics.
© Frank Bruen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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