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The "ReWrite" Strategy
Regina Newlin

     An interesting twist on the use of songs for learning is Thomas Bean's use of song lyrics for both instruction and assessment in his ReWrite Strategy (2000). In ReWrite, small groups of students rewrite a song to correct misconceptions about a topic.

     The ReWrite lesson is conducted in the following sequence:

     1. Ahead of time, begin by deciding what concepts students might not understand, or might misunderstand on a given topic.

     2. Incorporate these misconceptions into verses of a song that uses a predictable, easy to follow melody.

     3. Students then receive a copy of the song lyrics and perform the song.

     4. The students then read text about the subject.

     5. Small groups of 3 to 4 students then rewrite a verse of the song, correcting and adding information to the original verses.

     6. Collect the verses and assemble them into a coherent song that the students perform. You may also wish to enter the songs in student portfolios as a record of their learning.

     Bean has found that through the ReWrite strategy, students are motivated to be creative in their learning. He found that his students remember concepts better when they are taught through a song.



Bean, T. (2000). ReWrite: A music strategy for exploring content area concepts. Reading Online. http://www.readingonline.org/articles/art_index.asp?HREF=bats/index.html





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