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In the Jungle
Song about Animals
Phil Rosenthal

The complete song is available on Phil Rosenthal's Animal Songs.

In the jungle, at the hour of midnight,
That's when the animals come out to play.

High in the treetops, creatures are swinging.
Chattering gaily, they seem to shout.
"Try and catch us -- we're way too nimble."
It's the monkeys, dancing about.


Now the large cats are joining the party.
First comes the cheetah, the fastest of all.
Next is the tiger, the lynx, then the leopard.
They prowl through the jungle and they give their call.


Into the clearing, quiet and graceful
Comes a tall spotted creature and her baby calf.
Her legs are slender, her long neck is turning.
She towers above them all -- the tall giraffe.


Slithering slowly, scales on their bodies.

Long and slender, they crawl on the ground.
Tongues a-darting, wiggling gaily,
The snakes join the party, but they don't make a sound.


Into the clearing comes a large gray creature.
The ground is shaking as he starts to run
Round in a circle with his long trunk waving.
It's the elephant, joining the fun.


Off in the shadows, still and quiet,
His long mane is flowing and he's standing tall.
When he's angry, he'll roar like thunder.
It's the lion and he's king of them all.



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Many thanks to Phil Rosenthal for permission to display these lyrics.
© Phil Rosenthal. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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