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Three-Letter "S" Blends
SCR ▪  SPL ▪  SPR ▪  SQU ▪  STR
Wendy Wiseman and Al Davis

This song is available on Advanced Phonics

Three letter S blends!
Three letter S blends!

S - C - R

Scratch Scribble Scrabble Scream
Scrape Scrub Scramble Screen


Splish Splash Splotch Splatter
Splice Splurge Split Splutter


Spring Sprang Sprung Sprint
Spray Sprout Sprawl Sprinkler


Squeeze Squirt Squish Squash
Square Squirrel Squint Squat


Strange Strawberry String Strung
Straight Strong Strap Strum

Three letter S blends!
Three letter S blends!

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