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The Word Family Song
Song for Teaching About Word Families (og, at, ig, en, and ish)
J.W. Snyder

This song is available on J. W. Snyder's Songs From the Blue Chair

Is a whimsical story song that uses various word families and even has an instrumental verse to fill in your own. Word families used are words that end with: "og", "at", "ig", "en" .

1.Og is the name of my dog
And he likes to run around in the fog
One day while on a jog in the bog
He saw a hog sitting on a log
And they sat there drinking delicious eggnog

This is a very silly word family song
Let us join together and sing a long
Most of the words will all sound the same,
Because their endings are the same.

2.Brat is the name of my sister’s cat
And Brat likes to lay around on her grassy mat
One day she saw a rat with a hat
She chased it all around with a baseball bat


3.Ig is the name of my uncle’s pig
He wear a wig and he likes to dig
He doesn’t eat corn but loves to eat figs
Until one day he saw a really big fig
and started to dance a really fast jig
And then he fell in the bailing rig
And now he eats corn but not any figs.


4.Grandpaw has a snake named Ben
He likes to sleep with the chickens and the hens
He goes out sneaking about half past ten
He craws through the fen and into the glen
And that is beginning and end of Ben.


(Make up your own verse. If not, use this one.)

My cousin has a fish named swish
It likes to sleep underwater on a dish
My cousin says that she thinks that swish has a wish
And the wish of swish is never to get squished


(repeat refrain and end)

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Many thanks to J.W. Snyder for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© J.W. Snyder - Blue Chair World. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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