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Energy Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Thompson

This song is available on Jim Thompson's Science Rocks.

If matter is everything and
anything around you.
Your home, your body, the air you breathe
and your cool shoes

Then there is always a way
you can change ‘em , oh yea.

‘Cause energy is the ability to
make changes in matter
Like a candle that is melting
or a cow that’s getting fatter, oh yea.

There’s two types of energy,
just lift your ears and listen
How you classify ‘em you
don’t wanna be a miss’n

Here’s what you look for and
it’s really quite simple, oh yea

‘Cause if it’s not mov’in
then we say it’s got potential
Potential because of its
position or condition

But if it’s mov’in then
we say it’s got kinetic
Kinetic energy is the
energy of motion

Motion is the change,
the change of position
Potential and kinetic,
Lift up your ears and listen, oh yea



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Many thanks to Jim Thompson for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© James Thompson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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