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Simple Machines 
Song for Teaching About Simple Machines
Jim Thompson

This song is available on Jim Thompson's Science Rocks.


It’s a machine that’s simple
It’s called a simple machine
With few to no moving parts that
Help me do my work more easily.

Well, we talked about forces,
and how they push and pull
Like a crane that’s lifting,
a cart that’s pulled by a bull.

Let’s say you want to lift a big load,
or move a heavy weight
You’re gonna need some assistance,
so let me show you my way.

It’s a machine that’s simple,
it’s called a simple machine
with few to no moving parts that
help me do my work more easily.

Like the inclined plane,
the wedge and the screw
The lever and the pulley,
the wheel and axle too.

Let’s say you want to split a big log,
or slice a piece of cheese
Or slightly raise up an object,
a wedge can help you with these.

Now let’s talk about the lever
and all its working parts
It has just one called the fulcrum,
and that’s its turning point.

Now there are still four others,
but for the sake of this song
We’ll just mention their names to
help this crazy song move along.



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Many thanks to Jim Thompson for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© James Thompson. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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