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Physics Songs

Song Lyrics and Sound Clips

Physics is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion and behavior through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force.

These Physics song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Songs for Teaching Physics
A Wedge – Ken Whiteley
Big Wheel - Little Wheel – Ken Whiteley
Conduction, Convection, Radiation – Professor Boggs
The Electric Connection Rap – Kathleen Carroll
Electricity – Professor Boggs
Electrons Flowing – Robin Walling
Energy – Ken Whiteley
Energy From The Sun – Jack Hartmann
Energy Waves – Musically Aligned
Flow of Electricity – MindMuzic
Forces Can Push and Pull – Jack Hartmann
Friction – Ken Whiteley
Gravity – Ron Brown
Gravity – Jennifer Fixman
Gravity – Musically Aligned
Gravity Vacation – Marsha Goodman-Wood
Hey, Avogadro – Professor Boggs
I See the Light – J.P. Taylor
It Takes Force – Ken Whiteley
Laws of Gravity- MindMuzic
Light Moves– Professor Boggs
Magnets – Ron Brown
Magnets – Music with Mar.
Objects and Light – Ron Brown
Pillar of Sound – Story by Frank Bruen
Simple Machines – Jim Thompson
Six Simple Machines – J.P. Taylor
Solar Energy – Ron Brown
Sound – Ron Brown
Sound – Musically Aligned
Sound Is Energy – Jack Hartmann
Sources of Energy – J.P. Taylor
Up & Down An Incline Plane – Ken Whiteley
Vibration Rap – Kathleen Carroll
Study of Physics – MindMuzic
What is Matter? – MindMuzic
Work – Jim Thompson

General Science Songs
2 Scientific Method Songs – Jack Hartmann
Hypothesis – MindMuzic
The Metric Song – Kathleen Carroll
Nature of Science – Professor Boggs
Science Is – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Scientific Method – Music with Mar.
The Scientific Method – Doug Eldon
Scientific Method Blues – Kathleen Carroll
Scientific Process – Jim Thompson
The Scientific Process – Ron Brown

Musical Plays about Science
Biomes: Animals and Plants in their Habitats - Bad Wolf Press
Environmental Show - Bad Wolf Press
The Garden Show - Bad Wolf Press
Geology ROCKS! - Bad Wolf Press
It's Electrifying - Bad Wolf Press
Life Cycles: How Plants and Animals Change - Bad Wolf Press
Matter and Its Properties: The Science of Stuff - Bad Wolf Press
Name that Internal Organ - Bad Wolf Press
The Nutrition Show - Bad Wolf Press
The Oceanography Show: Tide Pool Condos - Bad Wolf Press
The Rumpus in the Rainforest - Bad Wolf Press
Vacation On Mars - Bad Wolf Press

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