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Food Pyramid

Nutrition Song for Teaching About the Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid Song

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There are five food groups on the food pyramid
That I should choose from each day.
Vegetables, grain, meat, dairy and fruit
Will help my body work and play.
Each food group supplies needed nutrients
To help my body to grow.
The fats and oils use sparingly,
That's something that I should know.

Vitamins and minerals are part of the plan
That keeps me healthy and strong.
I will choose each day to do all that
I can to help my body grow real strong.

Calories within my food becomes energy. 
Energy my body will need,
To help me think, work, and exercise. 
They will help me to succeed.
Healthy body builders will choose carefully
A healthy balance each day.
Eating foods from each category
Will help me live a healthy way.

Repeat Chorus:
I will choose each day to do all that
I can to help my body grow strong

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