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Left and Right

Learning Directions
Listen and Learn

This song is available on Listen and Learn's Skills.

The sky is up,
The ground is down,
But if you take a look around
There are other ways to go,
Left and right are what you need to know.

Hold up your hands
And reach your fingers to the sky,
Point your thumbs in,
Do you wanna know why?
Well the hand that makes an L
Is the left one.
The other is the right,
And now you’re halfway done.

Stretch your arms to your sides
As far as they can go.
Look at your left hand
And you will know,
That this way is left,
And the other way is right,
You are learning your directions,
And that is outta sight!


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Many thanks to Rachel Rambach for permission to display these lyrics.
©Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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