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Polygon Rap
Song for Teaching the Number of Sides and Shapes
Mary Perrine:  Believers and Achievers

This song is available on Raising Academic Performance & Success.

I tell you girls and I tell you boys,
We're gonna stand up, and make some noise,
Gonna name the polygons you need to know.
So, get on your feet...COME ON, LET'S GO!

A three-sided shape is a...triangle,
Four sides...a quadrilateral.
Five sides...a pentagon,
And now you know those, so...LET'S MOVE ON!

Six sides...a hexagon,
Seven sides...a heptagon,
Eight sides...an octagon...
And now you know those, so...LET'S MOVE ON!

Nine sides...a nonagon,
Ten sides...a decagon.
Those are the names of some polygons,
Let's do 'em again...AND THEN WE'LL MOVE ON!



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© 2002 Mary Pat Nydahl.  All rights reserved.  Used with permission. Believers and Achievers.




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