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One World, Many Stories
Library Song for Summer Reading Programs
Steve Blunt

So many different places, all around the world,
So many different people, so many boys and girls.

The places all have stories, the people pass them down,
And as the children listen, the world is turnin’ ‘round.  Oh...

   One world, many stories,
   One world, many stories,
   One world, many stories...
   All around the world!

In Africa they tell about a spider playing tricks,
His name is Anansi, he’s clever and he’s quick. 

In China there are stories of dragons who can fly,
They breathe fire, they breathe water—they rule the earth and sky. 


In Mexico they tell about a bird whose name is Cu,
She gets some pretty feathers—but she gets in trouble, too.

In India, they tell how some blind men come to see,
That an elephant is more than it might appear to be.


Once upon a time, people told stories...
‘Cuz they didn’t have books or DVD’s,
No computers, and no TV’s.
The stories got around by word-of-mouth,
From the east to the west, from the north to the south.
From Constantinople to Zanzibar,
Folks told tales as they traveled afar:
The Himalayas, Hawaii, Haiti, Hong Kong.
The world’s too big for one little song.
We gotta keep on tellin’ stories today!
From Afghanistan to the USA,
‘Cuz all around the world, people have a dream,
And stories express this universal theme:
Through the good and the bad, the tears and the laughter,
We all just wanna live happily ever after.

In England there’s a hero of history and fable:
All hail King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table!

In Russia they tell stories about an evil witch,
Her name is Baba Yaga, and she’ll snatch you in a snitch. 


In America they tell how this land first came to be,
When turtle carried mud up from the bottom of the sea.

In Persia long ago, they say, the king had a wife,
She told him a thousand stories, and she lived a good long life. 



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Many thanks to Steve Blunt for permission to display these lyrics.
© S. Blunt. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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