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Let Your Body Be a Punctuation Mark
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jack Hartmann

This song is available on Jack Hartmann's Rockin' Reading Songs

Everybody move with me, get ready to start
You can let your body be a punctuation mark

Let your body be a period
Spread your feet, both hands out front
Fingers locked, make a little dot
Put a period at the end of a sentence
That makes a statement

Let your body be a question mark
Turn to the left, legs together and straight
Curve both arms over a little way
Jump for the dot in a question mark
When a sentence asks a question

Let your body be an exclamation point
Both hands together, way up high
Make your body be a straight line
Jump for the dot - explanation point
When a sentence shows excitement

Let your body be a comma
Both forearms together, fingers locked
Bring both hands to the left at the top
Put a comma, when there’s a little pause, in a sentence

I’ll say a sentence and you punctuate

Lions live in the jungle. Period
Do you like chocolate ice cream? Question Mark
Wow, that truck is awesome! Exclamation Point
My favorite colors are red, Comma yellow and blue

(Repeat Chorus)


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Many thanks to Jack Hartmann for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jack Hartmann. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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