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The 50 States and Capitals Song
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Tim Pacific

This song is available on Musical Recall's Greatest Hits Volume 1

This song is also available as an individual song download.

1. Montgomery, Alabama 
2. Juneau, Alaska 
3. Phoenix, Arizona 
4. Littlerock, Arkansas 
5. Sacramento, California 
6. Denver, Colorado 
7. Hartford, Connecticut 
8. Dover, Delaware 
9. Tallahassee, Florida 
10. Atlanta, Georgia 
11. Honolulu, Hawaii 
12. Boise, Idaho 
13. Springfield, Illinois 
14. Indianapolis, Indiana 
15. Des Moines, Iowa 
16. Topeka, Kansas 
17. Frankfort, Kentucky 
18. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 
19. Augusta, Maine 
20. Annapolis, Maryland 
21. Boston, Massachusetts 
22. Lansing, Michigan 
23. St. Paul, Minnesota 
24. Jackson, Mississippi 
25. Jefferson City, Missouri

26. Helena, Montana 
27. Lincoln, Nebraska 
28. Carson City, Nevada 
29. Concord, New Hampshire 
30. Trenton, New Jersey 
31. Santa Fe, New Mexico 
32. Albany, New York 
33. Raleigh, North Carolina 
34. Bismarck, North Dakota 
35. Columbus, Ohio 
36. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 
37. Salem, Oregon 
38. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
39. Providence, Rhode Island 
40. Columbia, South Carolina 
41. Pierre, South Dakota 
42. Nashville, Tennessee 
43. Austin, Texas 
44. Salt Lake City, Utah 
45. Montpelier, Vermont 
46. Richmond, Virginia 
47. Olympia, Washington 
48. Charleston, West Virginia 
49. Madison, Wisconsin 
50. Cheyenne, Wyoming


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Many thanks to the Musical Recall for permission to display these lyrics.
© Musical Recall. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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