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Research on How Music Promotes Learning

Music and Learning...A Perfect Match!
      Early childhood educator Tonya Wright offers practical tips.

The Importance of Music and Movement in Learning
      Margie La Bella

Using Music to Teach Early Reading Skills
      Cathy Bollinger

Chris Boyd Brewer, M.A. Makes the Case for Using Music in the Classroom
      Classroom Outcomes of Music Use
      The Controversy over Using Teen Music in the Classroom
      Music in the Learning Cycle
      Using Music to Carry the Message of Learning
      When Do I Use Songs?
      Music and Positive Mood Management

Interactive Strategies for Using Music in the Academic Curriculum
      Michelle Lazar, MT-BC

Musical Arts Make Sense!
      Eric Jensen on research supporting the use of music in the classroom.

Implementing Music in the Classroom
      Eric Jensen discusses guidelines for the practical use of music.

Song as a Tool for Content Area Learning
      More on why music promotes effective learning.

Promoting Literacy Through Music
      Laura Woodall and Brenda Ziembroski on using music for reading instruction.

The Benefits of Using Music with Young Children
      Gari Stein discusses how music prepares even the youngest children for learning.

Books About Using Music as a Tool for Teaching
      Excellent references for teachers and parents.

More Music in the Classroom.... Why?
Making the Case for Music as an Educational Tool
      Jerrilyn Stover, M.A.

Chris Boyd Brewer, M.A. on Using Background Music in the Classroom
      Using Music to Create a Welcome Atmosphere
      Music Suggestions for Welcoming Students
      Using Music to Enhance Learning and Memory

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