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I Can Talk With God
Todd Werner

This song is available on Todd Werner's I Can Talk With God.

I can talk with God in the morning 
And in the afternoon
While standing on my head
And gazing at the moon
And if I’m quiet as a mouse
Or at least a kangaroo
I can hear God too

The elephant and buffalo are big you know 
But bigger is the love from God, it flows
Fill my soul till it takes flight
Let us all dance within the light

When I am nervous as an otter 
And scared like a cat
I can almost hear my heart say 
Rat-a tat-tat
Thru it all I know I need not fear
‘Cause I know God is here


I can whisper softly to heaven
And the angels will hear 
Whatever I may need I know it will appear
‘Cause I’m a child of God 
Happy as a clam
To know that’s who I am



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Many thanks to the Todd Werner for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Todd Werner. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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