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My Body Belongs to Me
Safety Song for Children
Lorraine Bayes

This song is available on Tickle Tune Typhoon's All of Us Will Shine
It is also available on Tickle Tune Typhoon's Healthy Beginnings

My body belongs to me
My body belongs to me
I'm happy, I am free
Loving every part of me.

From hairy head to tippy toe
Love and care will help me grow
Touch me, treat me tenderly
I'm learning to take care of me
My body belongs to me


Sometimes people will hurt you
You're scared and don't know what to do
Take a stand and tell them “no”
You can be strong and powerful
And my body belongs to me


No matter what your age or size
To be healthy is to be wise
It's true most positively
That I will always live with me
It's my responsibility




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Many thanks to Tickle Tune Typhoon for permision to display these lyrics.
© Tickle Tune Typhoon. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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