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School Concert Songs

Music for School Musicals, Assemblies and Recitals
Concert Songs

These songs for school concerts are available from a variety of albums. Most all of these songs have additional sing-along backing tracks and/or sheet music available for purchase.

School Concert Songs

Art  – Kathleen Wiley
Art, Art, We Love Art!  – School Art Theatre Productions
Basic Shapes  – School Art Theatre Productions
The Elements of Art  – School Art Theatre Productions
I See the Light – J.P. Taylor
Michelangelo: His Biography  – School Art Theatre Productions
The Primary and Secondary Colors  – School Art Theatre Productions
Vincent van Gogh: His Biography  – School Art Theatre Productions

Exercise to the Alphabet  – Jack Hartmann
Let's Get Fit (Counting to 100 by Ones) – Jack Hartmann
Let's Go to the Playground  – Miss Jenny
Let's Move!  – Rock Solid Kids
Little Hands  – Jack Hartmann
Reach For the Sky  – Amy Michelle & Friends
Wake Up!  – Listen & Learn
Work Out to the Letter Sounds  – Jack Hartmann

Calendar, Weather, Time and Seasons
 Days, Weeks, Months
The 7 Days A Week Song – Tim Pacific
12 Months by the Numbers Song – Tim Pacific
Days, Weeks, Months, Years, Decade, Century  – Kathleen Wiley
Seven Days in Every Week – Jim Rule
Today is Monday – Jim Rule
The Twelve Months – Marilyn M. Linford
Twelve Months in a Year – Ron Brown
The January February "March" – Jim Rule
January – Listen and Learn
February – Listen and Learn
March – Listen and Learn
April – Listen and Learn
July – Listen and Learn
June – Listen and Learn
September – Listen and Learn
October – Listen and Learn
November – Listen and Learn
December – Listen and Learn
Four Seasons – Jeff Schroeder
The Icicle Ball (Winter) – Pam Minor
Indian Summer Song – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
It's Spring! – Pam Minor
Marching Into Spring – Listen & Learn
Wintersong – Lauren Mayer
Clock Rock – Listen and Learn
Hip-Hop Around the Clock  – Jack Hartmann
Round the Clock in School – Marla Lewis
Smell My Feet (The Time Song) – Tim Pacific
Telling Time – Marilyn M. Linford
Catchin' Snowflakes – Listen and Learn
Clackin' On the Ice  – Listen & Learn
Cloud Families – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Get Out, Get In, Get Down – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
I Love the Rain  – Listen & Learn
Read the Sky – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
Talking Tornado Blues – Joan Maute, Ed.D.
What Will the Weather Be? – Jennifer Fixman
Whatever the Weather – "Miss Jackie" Silberg
Whatever the Weather – Marilyn M. Linford

A Family Is What You Make It  – Jim Rule
Daddies  – Marilyn M. Linford
Family Harmony – Two of a Kind
Isn't It Good To Know - Carol Johnson
Love, Love, Love - My Family  – Listen & Learn
Love Makes A Family  – Two of a Kind
One Family  – Two of a Kind
We Are Your Children   – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
What Is A Mother?  – Marilyn M. Linford

Folk Songs
See all of our Folk Songs

Food Songs
Did You Eat Your Food? – Traditional Song
Eat Some Fruit – Miss Jenny
Food Pyramid – Marilyn M. Linford
I Will Eat All My Vegetables – Miss Jenny
Today Is Monday – Traditional Song

Be a Good Friend – Jennifer Fixman: Miss Jenny
Best Friends  – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Friendship  – Kathleen Wiley
Good Friends Are Forever  – Dianne Baker
Hello Friend  – Dianne Baker
Friends-We All Need Friends  – Dianne Baker
Making Friends – Listen and Learn
Will I Find A Friend – Two of a Kind

The 50 States and Capitals Song  – Tim Pacific
The Continents Song  – Tim Pacific
The Great Lakes Song  – Tim Pacific
The Oceans and Major Seas  – Tim Pacific

Holidays and Special Events
 New Years Day
2012 – Listen and Learn
As We Go Round the Sun - The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Auld Lang Syne - Traditional Song
The Ha! Ha! Holiday Song - The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Happy New Year Song (Na, na, na, na, na) - Joyce Paultre
It's a New Year - Pam Donkin and Greta Pedersen
 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Dr. Martin Luther King - Freedom Song  - Learning by Song
I Have a Dream / This is Our Moment - The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Martin is Calling - Jan Nigro
Martin Luther King Jr. - Sharon Luanne Rivera
Martin's Heart - Jan Nigro
Rise Up: M.L.K. Day - Jack Hartmann
 Valentine's Day
A Hug – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
I Love You, No Matter What - Jack Hartmann
Isn't It Good To Know - Carol Johnson
Just for You: Valentine's Day Song. - Andrea Moon
Love Is Like a Boomerang – Jim Rule
Riddle Song - Traditional Song
Valentine - A Singing Card  – Marla Lewis
Valentine's Song  – Hap Palmer
You're Wonderful  – Debbie Clement
 Presidents' Day
The 43 Presidents Song - Tim Pacific
Abe Lincoln - Sharon Luanne Rivera
Abraham Lincoln - Kathleen Wiley
John F. Kennedy - Sharon Luanne Rivera
Teddy Roosevelt - Kathleen Wiley
We Salute the Presidents - Learning by Song
 Johnny Appleseed Day
Johnny Appleseed - Traditional Song
 St. Patrick's Day
Cockles And Mussels - Traditional Song
Danny Boy - Traditional Song
Michael Finnegan - Traditional Song
St. Patrick was a Gentleman - Traditional Song
 Earth Day
Keep Your World Clean (Earth Day) – Marilyn M. Linford
Plant a Tree for Tormorrow  – Dianne Baker
Save the Earth! – Dianne Baker
Song for Planet Earth – Mrs. Music
We've Got the Whole World in Our Hands - Traditional Song
 Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo Song  – Hap Palmer
 Mother's or Father's Day
Daddies - Marilyn M. Linford
I Love You, No Matter What - Jack Hartmann
Thank You, Mom - Listen & Learn
Thank You, Parents - Andrea Moon
That's What Moms Are For - Sandy Sherman
This Mother's Day - Jack Hartmann
What Is A Mother? - Marilyn M. Linford
 Graduation Day
Building Our World – Joe Crone
Celebrate – Debbie Clement
Endurance – Jan Nigro
Graduation – Ron Brown
One Small Voice - Jack Hartmann 
Pomp and Circumstance (Instrumental) – Graduation Complete
Step Into the Future On Graduation Day  – Ben Stiefel
Summer Break (Let's Shake!) – Listen & Learn
We Can Move the World – Joe Crone
 Memorial/Flag Day/4th of July/Veteran's Day
America the Beautiful - Traditional Song
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Traditional Song
Declaration of Independence – Learning by Song
Freedom to Celebrate – K. Rushlo
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor(The Statue of Liberty)  – Emma Lazarus
I Am a Citizen (Election Day, Tues. after first Mon. in Nov.) - Learning by Song
In the Constitution (Constitution Day, Sept. 17th) - Learning by Song
Let's Sing About America – Marilyn M. Linford
My Country 'Tis of Thee - Traditional Song
One Heart, One Voice - Hank Fellows
Patriotic Medley - Judy Leonard
Pledge of Allegiance – Mrs. Music & W.L.A Children's Choir
The Spirit of America - Hank Fellows
The Star Spangled-Banner - Traditional Song
Thank a Veteran - Learning by Song
U.S.A.  – Learning by Song
We the People  – Greta Pedersen
You're a Grand Old Flag - Traditional Song
The Boogie Woogie Pumpkin Man – Wendy Rollin
Dem Bones - Traditional Song
Say BOO! – Wendy Rollin
This Holiday is Halloween – Two of a Kind
 Thanksgiving Songs
First Americans, and So Proud - Learning by Song
The First Thanksgiving - Learning by Song
Indian Summer Song - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
Over The River And Through The Woods - Traditional Song
Pilgrim Children - M. Ryan Taylor's Thanksgiving Songs
Thank You For Thanksgiving – Two of a Kind
The Thankful Song – Marilyn M. Linford
Turkey in the Straw - Traditional Song
 Chanukah Songs
Chanukah Shalom - Lauren Mayer
The "Hanukkah Ha Ha!" Song - Caroline and Danny
Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah - Traditional Song
Light the Festive Candles Song – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Light the Night - Caroline and Danny
Ma'oz Tzur - Traditional Song
Mattathias Had 5 Sons - Caroline and Danny
Mi y'malel - Traditional Song
Spinning Dreidle - Laszlo Slomovits
Strong Like a Hammer - Caroline and Danny
There's Something About Those Candles – Sandy Sherman
 Christmas Songs
Brr Brr BRR – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Christmas in the West – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Christmas is Here – Wendy Rollin
Everywhere Christmas Tonight – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Growl, Growl, Stomp – Margie La Bella
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing – Paul Hillebrand
I'm A Little Angel – Auntie Kayte
Joyeux Noël! – John and Monica Hyde
Let's Make The World A Better Place –W.L.A. Children's Music Choir
Peace on Earth, Good Will to All – West L.A. Children's Choir
Santa Do You Know? – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Ten Twinkling Trees – Listen and Learn
Who Is Santa? – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
   See our Traditional Christmas Carols
 Kwanzaa Songs
Celebrate Kwanzaa – Bryan McCabe
Celebrate Kwanzaa – Lauren Mayer
Celebrating Kwanzaa – Marla Lewis
Chant and Sing for Kwanzaa - Caroline and Danny
Kwanzaa Song - Songs For Teaching®
Kwanzaa is Here - Greta Pedersen
 Holiday Songs
As We Go Round the Sun (Christmas/Chanukah) – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Festivals of Light (Diwali/Chanukah/Las Posadas/Kwanzaa) – Lauren Mayer
Fill the World (Christmas/Chanukah) – The W. L. A. Children's Choir   
Freedom to Celebrate (Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa) – Karen Rushlo   
The Ha! Ha! Holiday Song – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
The Ha Hee Ha Ho Holiday Song – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Holiday Night (Christmas/Chanukah) - The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Holiday Song (Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa) – Joyce Paultre
Holiday Time (Christmas/Chanukah) – Pam Donkin and Greta Pedersen
Holidays Are Fun (Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa) - Music with Mar.
I'm Happy! (The Holidays Are Coming!) (Christmas/Chanukah)
  –The W. L. A. Children's Choir
It's Holiday Time (Christmas/Chanukah) - Pam Donkin and Greta Pedersen
 Birthday Songs
A Golden Day - The Birthday Song – Gemini
Blow Out the Candles – Judy Leonard
It's Your Birthday – Jack Hartmann
L'anniversaire/The Birthday – Zim Zam Zoum!  

Inspirational &/or Religious Songs
Amazing Grace   – Sheet Music/Piano Solo
Be the Kind of Person – Jim Rule
Believe in Yourself  – Marilyn M. Linford
Big Things Come in Small Packages – Jim Rule
Does God Love Me?  – Carol Johnson
Different  – West Los Angeles Children's Choir
God Protect the Children – Hank Fellows
God's Love is Inside Me  – Blue Chair World - Jean and J. W. Snyder 
Good-Bye Means "God Be With You"  – Jim Rule
Gratitude is an Attitude  – Jim Rule
He Has Come to Save Us All  – Blue Chair World - Jean and J. W. Snyder
He Opens a Window  – Jim Rule
How Can You Make Your Dreams Come True? – Ben Stiefel
I Am With God  – Rock Solid Kids
If Children Ruled the World  – West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Let It Shine Everywhere, Everyone!  – Jim Rule
New Day Dawning – Hank Fellows
One Star – Hank Fellows
Open the Fear Door  – Rock Solid Kids
Serve the Lord with Joy  – Jim Rule
Sharing the Journey  – Dianne Baker
So Far, So Good  – Carol Johnson 
Take My Hand – Hank Fellows
Tear Down the Walls  – Jan Nigro
That's in the Hands of God  – Blue Chair World - Jean and J. W. Snyder
The Tree of Life – Hank Fellows

Busy Bee (At School) – Marilyn M. Linford
Don't Leave A Mess At Lunch Time – Songs for Positive Schools
I Raise My Hand – Jim Rule
Listen To Those in Authority – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Little Magic Words – Marilyn M. Linford
The Magic Word – Listen & Learn
Make A Difference – Marilyn M. Linford
Mind Your Manners – Amy Michelle & Friends
No-one Here Does Copying – Songs for Positive Schools
Raise Your Hand Song – J. W. Snyder
The "Thank You" Song – Songs For a Head Start
We Make New Arrivals Welcome Here – Songs for Positive Schools

The 6 Times Table Song – Tim Pacific
The 7 Times Tables – Kathleen Wiley
The 8 Times Table Song – Tim Pacific
The 12 Times Table Song – Tim Pacific
Adding/Subtracting with Decimals – Kathleen Wiley
Addition/Subtraction Word Clues Song – Tim Pacific
Coins In a Dollar – Kathleen Wiley
Counting by Ones - The Backyard Zoo – Kevin Schaffer
Counting by Twos - Countin' Fishes – Kevin Schaffer
Counting by Fives - Bubbles – Kevin Schaffer
Counting by Sixes - Counting Aliens – Kevin Schaffer
Counting by Sevens - Spy 777 – Kevin Schaffer
Cups, Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons and Gallons – Kathleen Wiley
Dividing with Decimals – Kathleen Wiley
Fractions (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4) – Kathleen Wiley
The Fundamental Algebra Song – Tim Pacific
The Measurement Song – Kathleen Wiley
The Metric System Song – Tim Pacific
The Money Game – Marla Lewis
Money In My Pocket – Marilyn M. Linford
Mr. Alligator Can Chomp (Greater Than / Less Than) – Jack Hartmann
Multiplication and Division Word Clues Song – Tim Pacific
Numbers With a 1 – Listen & Learn
Perimeter, Circumference, Area, Volume – Kathleen Wiley
Prime Numbers – Kathleen Wiley
The Prime Numbers Song – Tim Pacific
Simplify a Fraction – Tim Pacific
The Shape Train – Ron Brown
Some Times Tables Song (Some of the 6, 8, and 9 Times Tables) – Tim Pacific
The U.S. Money Song – Tim Pacific
Word Clues for Multiplication and Division – Tim Pacific
You're in Great Shape!!! (Pentagon, Hexagon and Octagon) – Kathleen Wiley

Multicultural Songs
All Over This World – Two of a Kind
Children Just the Same – Judy Leonard
Circle of Friends Medley – Judy Leonard
The Colors of Earth  – Two of a Kind
Come On Board!  – Paulette Meier
Different  – West Los Angeles Children's Choir
Do You Speak Music? – Judy Leonard
Hello 'Round the World   – Two of a Kind
Tell Me Your Story – Two of a Kind
We Are A Patchwork Quilt – Two of a Kind
We Are The Children of The World – Donna & Andy

Music Appreciation
C to C – Wendy Rollin
Canon in D – Johann Pachelbel
CariBBean Cool – Ben Stiefel
Crescendo – Wendy Rollin
DDDance, Dance, Dance – Ben Stiefel
Get Up and Sing! – Amy Michelle & Friends
Giuseppe Verdi – Johann Sebastian Bach
Good Time – Listen & Learn
Family Harmony – Two of a Kind
Forty Little Birdies (singin' in the choir) – Donna & Andy
I Am A Fine Musician – Traditional
I Can Do It By Myself – Listen & Learn
I Like to Clap – Listen & Learn
Instrument Friends Suite (I, II & III) – Wendy Rollin
The Instrument Song(The Orchestra Song)  – Folk Song
Just For Fun – Marilyn M. Linford
The La La Song – Listen & Learn
Maracas-I Love That Sound – Dianne Baker
Melody & Harmony – Wendy Rollin
Minuet in G – Johann Sebastian Bach
My First Song – Wendy Rollin
My Hot Rod CCCar – Ben Stiefel
Rhythm - March & Waltz – Wendy Rollin
The Staccato & Legato Game – Wendy Rollin
Stack That Bale of HAAAy – Ben Stiefel
The Ukulele Song – Listen & Learn
You Can Strum Too – Listen & Learn

Nursery Rhymes
See all of our Nursery Rhymes

A World United – Vitamin L
All Over This World – Two of a Kind
Circle of Peace – Carol Johnson
Hatred Has No Place — Two of a Kind
I Choose Peace  – Carol Johnson
I Did Something for Peace Today  – Carol Johnson
If Children Ruled the World  – West Los Angeles Children's Choir
If Not Me, Then Who?  – Carol Johnson
I'm Wishing – Donna & Andy
Listen!  – Paulette Meier
Pitfalls  – Two of a Kind
T.I.M.E. at the Peace Table  – Paulette Meier
Walk A Mile  – Jan Nigro
With These Hands  – Jan Nigro

Positive Attitudes & Making Good Choices
A Bright Tomorrow – Rock Solid Kids
Be the Kind of Person  – Jim Rule
Believe in Yourself  – Marilyn M. Linford
Cheer Up Song – The W. L. A. Children's Choir
Dealing With Feelings Rap (The I-Message Song) – Paulette Meier
Express Yourself  – Jan Nigro
Glad I am Just Me  – Amy Michelle & Friends
I Didn't Stop – Rock Solid Kids
It's a Great Feeling - Joyce Paultre
I'm Wishing – Donna & Andy
Let Deeds, Not Words  – Joe, Sonya, Keenan, and Dylan Crone
Life’s Lessons  – Marla Lewis and Ken Jones
Lifelong Learners  – Marla Lewis
Listen To Those in Authority  – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Make A Difference  – Marilyn M. Linford
Most Valuable Player  – Two of a Kind
Step Up, Speak Out!  – Vitamin L
The Thankful Song  – Marilyn M. Linford
That Is a Mighty Power  – Jan Nigro
Twinkle Twinkle  – Amy Michelle & Friends
With These Hands  – Vitamin L
When I Am Strong  – Two of a Kind
When I Say Stop  – Two of a Kind
Who's In Charge of Me? -- I Am!  – Rock Solid Kids
You've Got Potential  – Marla Lewis

Reading and Language Arts
The 36 Prepositions Song  – Tim Pacific
A Friendly Letter  – Learning by Song
Author Author  – Two of a Kind
Book Round  – Two of a Kind
Chunk It  – Jack Hartmann
Dream Big—Read!  – Steve Blunt
Editor's Checklist  – Learning by Song
Everything Is Free at the Library  – Two of a Kind
Going On An Adventure  – Two of a Kind
Harriet the Spy  – Two of a Kind
Have You Heard About Compound Words?  – Jack Hartmann
Helper Verbs  – Learning by Song
I Like A Good Story  – Two of a Kind
It's A Mystery to Me  – Two of a Kind
Make a Rhyme, Make a Move  – Jack Hartmann
Make New Sounds  – Jack Hartmann
Miguel the Magic Monkey  – Jack Hartmann
One World, Many Stories  – Two of a Kind
One World, Many Stories  – Steve Blunt
Parts of Speech Rap  – Learning by Song
Popcorn Words  – Jack Hartmann
Prepositions  – Learning by Song
Pronoun Rap  – Learning by Song
Read A Book  – Marilyn M. Linford
Read A Book (Converging Song)  – Two of a Kind
Use a Comma  – Learning by Song
The Very Basic Grammar Song  – Tim Pacific
Wild Things  – Two of a Kind

Songs For Honoring Teachers, Children, Parents and School
Be a Teacher – Music with Mar.
Celebrate the Children  – Mrs. Music
Just Passing By  – Donna & Andy
Lifelong Learners  – Marla Lewis
Our Alma Mater  – Ben Stiefel
School's Out  – Marla Lewis & Mrs. Music
Teachers Plan and Observe – The W. L. A. Children's Choir  
Thank You, Parents  – Andrea Moon
Thanks To You  – Daria
The Thankful Song – Marilyn M. Linford
We Appreciate Having School  – Songs For Positive Schools 
We Lap Up Learning  – Songs For Positive Schools
When We Go Home, We Will Know More Than We Did Before 
– Songs For Positive Schools  

Science - General
Gravity – Jennifer Fixman
I See the Light – J.P. Taylor
Roots, A Stem and Some Leaves – J.P. Taylor
The Scientific Method Blues – J.P. Taylor
Six Simple Machines – J.P. Taylor
Sources of Energy – J.P. Taylor
Three States of Matter – Jennifer Fixman

Science - Animal Songs
African Safari – Diana Colson
Animalia – J.P. Taylor
Baboon Baby – Diana Colson
Camouflage – Jennifer Fixman
Doggie Dog Blues – Amy Michelle & Friends
Doing the Flamingo Walk – Diana Colson
Elephants – Diana Colson
Giraffe – Diana Colson
Good For Each Other – Judy Leonard
Habitat – Bill Oliver/Stan Slaughter
I'm an Ant – Jennifer Fixman
Jenny Got a Puppy – Judy Leonard
Lion Pride – Diana Colson
Mother Nature’s Animal Magic Show – Judy Leonard
Mr. Frog - You Just Think You're Smart! – Dianne Baker
Plants and Animals – Jennifer Fixman
Prairie – Stan Slaughter
Save the Frogs! – Dianne Baker
Six Leg Boogey – Stan Slaughter
Speaking Swahili – Diana Colson
Thomson's Gazelle – Diana Colson
The Vulture – Diana Colson

Science - Environmental Songs

The Composters  – Stan Slaughter
Don't let the Goo Get You  – Stan Slaughter
Feel the Power  – Judy Leonard
Garbage  – Bill Steele
Garden Boogie  – Pam Minor
The Green Revolution  – Judy Leonard
Habitat – Bill Oliver/Performed by Jeff Schroeder
Home Is a Habitat – Judy Leonard
Household Hazardous Waste  – Stan Slaughter
Keep Your World Clean  – Marilyn M. Linford
Little Blue Ball  – Douglas Wood
Pretty Paper, Pretty Trees   – Bill Oliver
Recycle – Judy Leonard
Recycle Song - Joyce Paultre
Save the Earth!  – Dianne Baker
Teenager in Wasteland  – Stan Slaughter

Science - Health
The Beat Goes On  – Joe Crone
Digestion Blues – Joe Crone
Food Pyramid  – Marilyn M. Linford
Wash Your Hands  – Jennifer Fixman: Miss Jenny
Washing Hands  – Marilyn M. Linford

Social Studies Songs - America
The Eleven Confederate States in the U.S. Civil War – Tim Pacific
The 25 Union States in the U.S. Civil War – Tim Pacific
The 43 Presidents Song – Tim Pacific
Age of Exploration – Learning by Song
Bald Eagle – Learning by Song
Do You Want to be Free? – Two of a Kind
First Americans, and So Proud – Learning by Song
Freedom Riders Got to Ride – Vitamin L
The First Thanksgiving – Learning by Song
Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor – West LA Children's Choir
Heroes, Heroes, We Love Heroes! – Sharon Luanne Rivera
I Just Want to Sing Your Name (MLK) – Two of a Kind
Thomas Jefferson Song and Rap – Sharon Luanne Rivera
John F. Kennedy Song & Rap – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Martin Luther King Jr. Song & Rap – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Abe Lincoln Song & Rap – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Let's Sing About America – Marilyn M. Linford
The Miner's Song – Learning by Song
The Names of the States – Learning by Song
The Original 13 Colonies Song – Tim Pacific
Patriotic Medley – Judy Leonard
Pledge of Allegiance – Mrs. Music & W.L.A Children's Choir
Red, White and Blue – Two of a Kind
The Spirit of America – Hank Fellows
Tsa-La-Gi (Cherokee) – Judy Leonard
Twenty One California Missions – Tim Pacific
Until We Live Our Dream – Judy Leonard
U.S.A. – Learning by Song
We Are A Patchwork Quilt – Two of a Kind
We're Goin' Out West – Learning by Song
Wouldn’t It Be Great – Judy Leonard

Adios Mis Amigos – Anna E. Kravis
Birthdays (Bilingual English-Spanish) – Jack Hartmann
Diez Pececitos (Ten Little Fish) – Jack Hartmann
El Coqui – Anna E. Kravis
Hola Mis Amigos – Anna E. Kravis
I’ve Got Music In Me (Bilingual English-Spanish) – Jack Hartmann
Que Bonita Bandera – Anna E. Kravis
Son Los Colores De Mi Mundo – Anna E. Kravis
Viajano en el autobús (Ridin' On the Bus) – Jack Hartmann
Yo Te Quiero No Importa Lo Que Pase – Jack Hartmann

Test Taking & Study Skills
Do Your Best! (Test Taking Song)  – Marla Lewis
Lifelong Learners  – Marla Lewis
Take Notes! – Marla Lewis

Transition Songs
Art – Kathleen Wiley
The Assembly Song – Kathleen Wiley
Breakfast Time – Miss Jenny
Clean Up Time – Listen and Learn
Clear Your Desk – Kathleen Wiley
Go To the Library – Kathleen Wiley
Good Afternoon – Ron Brown
Gotta Go – Two of a Kind
Good Morning – Ron Brown
Goodbye Song – Kathleen Wiley
In the Line – Kathleen Wiley
It's Time For Math – Kathleen Wiley
It's Time To Do Something New (Add your own transition) – Cathy Bollinger
Lunch – Kathleen Wiley
Music – Kathleen Wiley
Please Listen Quietly – Jennifer Fixman: Miss Jenny
The Quietest Line – Jennifer Fixman: Miss Jenny
Recess – Kathleen Wiley
Time to Clean – Jennifer Fixman: Miss Jenny
Time to Say Goodbye – Listen and Learn
Time to Sing Hello – Listen and Learn
That Yellow Bus – Listen and Learn

Songs from Musical Plays and Operas
13 Colonies  – Bad Wolf Press  
Aesop's Fables Deluxe – Bad Wolf Press
Alice's Adventures With Idioms – Bad Wolf Press
American Revolution – Bad Wolf Press
American Symbols – Bad Wolf Press
Biomes: Animals and Plants in Their Habitats – Bad Wolf Press
Bullies Anonymous – Bad Wolf Press
Character Matters – Bad Wolf Press
Character Matters II – Bad Wolf Press
Christmas Concert Ideas: K-3    
Christmas Concert Ideas: 1-5      
Cinderella: A Modern Makeover – Bad Wolf Press
Conflict Resolution Helps You Find the Very Best Solution  – Ben Stiefel 
The Day the TV Broke (Promoting Exercise and Healthy Living) – Andrea Moon
Environmental Show  – Bad Wolf Press
European Explorers in the New World   – Bad Wolf Press
Friendly Neighborhood Helpers  – Bad Wolf Press
Geology ROCKS!  – Bad Wolf Press
Geometry: Polygons (10-Minute Mini) – Bad Wolf Press  
Gold Dust or Bust – Bad Wolf Press  
Good Manners: A Midieval Quest for Polite Behavior Musical Play – Bad Wolf Press  
Government & Citizenship: How Democracy Came to the Beehive – Bad Wolf Press  
Grammarosaurus  – Bad Wolf Press   
Life Cycles: How Plants and Animals Change  – Bad Wolf Press   
The Magical, Musical, Amazingly Beautiful Pencil!  – Ben Stiefel
Martin Luther King, Jr. (10-Minute Mini)  – Bad Wolf Press  
Mastering Math: A Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Mystery   – Bad Wolf Press  
Mother Goose Character Camp   – Bad Wolf Press  
Munchkin Mediation  – Bad Wolf Press   
Name That Internal Organ: Bad Wolf's Guide to the Human Body  – Bad Wolf Press   
The Nutrition Show: Hansel and Gretel Eat Right  – Bad Wolf Press   
Pirates From Grammar Island  – Bad Wolf Press
Rappin Clappin Singin 'bout Art Play - Vol. 1  – School Art Theatre Productions 
Rock Solid Kids  – Keith Hafner & Laszlo Slomovits
The Rumpus in the Rainforest  – Bad Wolf Press 
Showing Respect – That’s the Key  – Ben Stiefel
Social Skills: How to Interact with Human Beings   – Bad Wolf Press
The Story of America: A Classroom Musical  – Lauren Mayer - Curriculum Rocks
Test Taking Strategies  – Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Constitution  – Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Geography  – Bad Wolf Press
U.S. Presidents  – Bad Wolf Press
Vacation On Mars  – Bad Wolf Press
We Come From Everywhere  – Bad Wolf Press

More Excellent School Concert Songs 
Songs that Encourage Positive Attitudes 
Character Education Songs 
Christmas Songs 
Chanukah Songs 
Kwanzaa Songs 
American Patriotic Songs 
Musical Plays and Operas 
School Songs for Children

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