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The Cell Song
Teaching Cellular Components and their Functions
Robin Walling

This song is available on Robin Walling's Science in Song Volume II.

Cells of the animal, cells of the plant
Cells are basic units of all that I am
Cells help the plant to bloom and grow
Cells are in every organism I know!

The nucleus is the brain
The center of the cell could be its name
Chromatin, in long strands
With dna and chromosome bands


Two types of cells we all know
We’re eukaryotic and the other one’s pro
Animals and plants are with our eu
Prokaryotic’s scum and bacteria, too


Cytoplasm is like egg whites
It’s very fluid and jelly —like
Parts in the cytoplasm — organelles
Are like baby organs inside of a cell


The endoplasmic reticulum
Pronouncing it is lots of fun
It winds from the nucleus — out in the cell
Moving materials extremely well


The ribosomes — look like dots
Looking like the er’s covered in spots
“Ribes” make proteins, it’s what they do
Proteins are the building blocks for me and you


Mitochondria’s the powerhouse
It breaks down food to get energy out
Or lysosomes — that break down waste
Without them — what a problem we’d face


Golgi bodies are like garbage men
Removing waste is part of their plan
They lead from the cytoplasm — out of the cell
Moving waste and proteins out of the gel


We certainly can’t forget the vacuole
Stores food and waste like a storage hole
In plants and animals both, you’ll find
And that’s the end of our cell rhyme!!!!




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Many thanks to Robin Walling for permission to display these lyrics.
© Robin Walling. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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